Monday, January 19, 2015

***2014 in Review***

2015 is here and I'm already enjoying it!

But first, I thought it would be fun to upload all the nails I did in 2014. (*^_^*)/ Get ready for it!

(Gel Nails - Mom's treat)

(Nail Stickers)  

(Gel nail art - Christmas Eve with Mom.)

Mainly, I think my nails were seasonal.  Summer, fall, and winter...makes me want to do nice ones.  I think I'll try to do plain nails more this year, as well as nail stickers, with special nail art when the occasion suits.  What colour are you into lately?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Xmas Nails

Okay, I know it's already February...but I wanted to share the nailart that I did for Christmas.  It actually came up pretty fast (Xmas, that is).  I had so many fun plans for my nails, but not enough time for them all.   

Nail Design #1 - Metallic Green with Glitter Accent Nail (this is my fav lately)

Nail Design (actually not a design...) #2 - Pa Glitter Nails (looks like Rudolph's nose, right?) First pic shows with two coats of polish and  second shows it with top coat (looks much shinier).

Nail Design #3 - White Nails with Glitter Crescents (love the gold sparkle)

Nail Design #4 - Silver Base with Christmas Glitter Tips
I'm excited to do more designs next Christmas!  What was your favourite nail look?

Halloween Nails


Fun Halloween Dotting Technique
Anna Sui Witch's Purple Nails?? - Fingers and Toes!

Nail Stickers - They were super cute, but came off in less than half a day.  I do not recommend them!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Instagram Love

I am a total instagram addict (myjapanlife). It's true! I wake up and look at new posts from people I am following and see if anyone hearted my posts. Right now, I am posting mostly meals, but I like to post other things in my life, like nail art. I found an instagrammer anniep1124 and shoplouun. She is a jewellry business owner and posts awesome pics, not only of her amazing rings, but also super cool nail art. So please follow her. I'd like to order from her too in the future. So this week's art is inspired from her recent post: 

Here is my version:
I used Orly's #48653 , Honei Diamond Nail ZF, and Ettusais 1. I thought I had rose seals, but didn't find any in my stash so I used some butterfly ones instead. 
See you on instagram